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Marching record of field troops

Number of miles marched - In enemy territory/from base

Northern Force
2nd Mtd Brigade 480/480
3rd (right wing) 480/480
1st 460/460
5th 420/420
6th 350/350
1st Infantry 330/330

Central Force
7th,8th and 9th Mtd Bge 290/290
Central Force Infantry 65/65

Southern Force
Right hand Column 240/340
Middle Column 220/320
Left or Steinkopf column 190/240

Eastern Force 200/500

Note: Distance measured along actual route and do not include return of troops.

Longest sustained advances.
Force/Unit From-To Miles/Days/Average

1st Mtd Bge Aukas to Namutoni 340/20/17
2nd and Right Wing 3rd Mtd Bge Willemsthal to Tsumeb 280/20/14
5th and 6th Mtd Brg Karibib to Otavi 230/13/17.7
1st Infantry Bge Karibib to Otavi 230/16/14.4

7th,8th and 9th Mtd Bge Aus to Gibeon 200/12/16.7

Central Column Karus to Warmbakkies 100/10/10

Entire Force Hazuur to Kabus 120/18/6.6

Best forced marches (including halts and delays)

Force-Unit Miles/Hours
Northern Left Wing 2nd Mtd Bge Husab to Jackhalswater and back to Husab 76- 22
Northern 5th Mtd Bge Okaputa to Kilo 500 44 -18
Northern 6th Mtd Bge Omarassa to Elephants Neck 36- 15
Northern 3rd and 5th Riet to Otjimbingue 70- 37
Central 7th, 8th and 9th Mtd Bge Berseba to Gibeon 70- 72
Southern Col. Dirk van Deventers Column Neu Khais to Kabus 120- 144

The record march of the campaign was by the 2nd Mtd Bge Left Wing which after a forty mile march in 14 hours, marched 76 miles in 22 hours, the diary being as follows:
Left Swakop 6 p.m. 18th March arrive Husab 8 a.m. 19th March (40 Miles in 14 Hours) left Husab 8 p.m. 19th March arrive Jackhalswater 5 a.m. 20th March, in action 3 hours and return for water arriving Husab same day.