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List of killed, wounded and captured at and about Sandfontein 25th, 26th and 27th September 1914.

Note: ($)- Wounded and captured but allowed to return in Ambulance sent by G.O.C. to enemys lines.
(X)- Wounded but not captured
(Z)- Wounded and retained by enemy
?- Initial of soldier unclear


S.A.M.R. (Transvaal Horse Artillery) Battery.
Bty.Sgt.Mjr. A.E. Harris
Br. F.A. Key/N.J. Pickering
Nt. Driver Cross/July/Trunsell

1st S.A.M.R.
Lt. F.L. Northway
R.Q.M.S. G.G. McDonald
Rifleman C.L. Fuller/ W.C.P. Kobus/ G. Lindsay / J.P. Quinn/ J.G. Short/ G.J. Waters

5th S.A.M.R.
1857 Cpl. J.A. Aldridge

Intelligence Section
Native Scout Jacobus Christian


Royal Engineers
(Z) Capt. C. la T. Turner-Jones

S.A.M.R. (T.H.A.) Battery
Sgt. R.N. Kemack/ H.G. Till
Cpl. L. Edwards ($)0/ A.A.G. Tainton
Bdr. T.J. Egerton/ J.P.F. Ogilvie
Gnr. A.F. Allwright/ C. Baumann/ A.O. Coltman/ W.V. Coltman/ G. Douglas/ R.E. Johnson
Tptr A. Pollock
Nt. Cpl+Driver Alex Soldana ($) (Since died of wounds)
Nt. Driver Hendrick/Nochonga

1st S.A.M.R.
Lieut-Colonel R.C. Grant (Z)
Lieut. H.S. Wakefield (Z)/ W. Owen ($)
L/Sgt. E. De la Croix
L/Cpl. J.G.Nell
Cpl. J.W. Fulke (X)
Rifleman A.N. Griffen/ E.I. Loder/ ?.P. Cadman/ I.A. Dilley/ S. Farge/ J.K. Kirk/ ?.?. McDougall/ E.?. Quinn/ A.P. Scholl/ C.J. Spohr/ P.A. Roos/ J.J. Snyman/ A.H. White (X)
Nt. Constable Malcom ($) (Since died of wounds)

4th S.A.M.R.
1443 Sgt. J.T. Clarke (X)
Rileman 1697 T.N. Kruger (X)/ 2393 P.J. Welthagen (X)

5th S.A.M.R.
Sgt. 1823 T. Swanson (X)
Rifleman 2605 E.L. Coen (X)

Intelligence Section
Captain W.J. Geary (Z) (1st S.A.M.R.)
Scout W. Hattingh (Z)


S.A.M.R.(T.H.R.) Battery
Lt. F.B. Adler
Sgt. S.E. Good
Cpl. H.C. van Diggelen
Br. P.M.B. Dunbar
Gnr. R.S. Brophy/ F.W. Brokenshaw/ P.A. Hanckom/ R. Langebrinck/ N.C.S. McMaster/D. McMillan /R.E. Pierce/ H.C. van Diggeln/ J. van Nuys/ J.J. Yates/ B.C. Webster (Shoeing Smith)/F. Williams
Native Cpl. Andries Goosen
Native Driver Joseph Alexander/ Andrew Brown/ Ruben Dube/ Thomas Du Toit/ Linde Gumzana/ !111 John/ John Ncongoza/ !11 Maartens/ Harry Marashe/ Joel Mbalo/ Harry Mitchell/ Freddy Manifeldt/ Philip Ncongola/ William Norris/ John Stableveldt/ Umfuna Zenzeli
Native constable Simon Letchaba

Ammunition Column
Native Driver Paul

1st S.A.M.R.
Captain P.E. Hale/ E.J. Welby
Lt. W.G. Austin/ W.E. Butler/ A.J. Cowley/ P.C. Clements/ C.F. Graham/ R.S. Gwatkin/ D.G.S. Scott
Squadron. Sgt. Maj. A.H. Barrett/ G. Bolton/ O.H. Court/ H. Reilley
Sgt. Bolze/ Badderley/ Barry/ Curling/ Deans/ Dyer/ England/ Gane/ Nunn/ Pizzy/ Snell/ Saunders/ Spotswood/ F.J. Taylor/ Tyrell/ Verner
Cpl. Bartie/ Bates/ Breach/ Blyther/ Burt/ G. Brien/Cadiz/ Currie/ Coates/W. Clayton/ Corral/ Engelbach/Estment/ Garland/ Gray (Farrier)/ Gabillet/ Gibson (Farrier)/ Harding/ Holland/ J. Harding/ Higginson/ W.E. Jackson/ Jenkins/ J. Kelly/ McGregor/ W.Messina/ McDougall/ C. Norris/ J.G. Nell/ Pratt/ Pomphrey/ P.J. Young
Trumpeter Clapshaw/Elias/ Maker/ W.J. Mckay/ Trenchard
Rifleman T.L. Arnold/ Abbot/ S.H. Bennett/ H.D. Berry/ G.S. Brittnell/ Behm/ Barraball/ A.B. Barraball/ Boyd/ Basson/ Bones/ Blignaut/ Beukes/ Bryington/ J.T. Barrett/ J.P. Barendze/ Bailey/ Clifton/ Cochrane/ Copeling/ Carey/ J.P. Clarke/ Christie/ W.H. Crossman/ Chase/ De Ville/ A.G. De Villiers/ D.J. De Wet/ Develing/ J.P. Erasmus/ J.W. Erskin/ Ecclestone/ C. Farrell/ E. Ferreira/ Gear/ C. Greene/ P.V. Greene/ E.S. Heynes/ Hartzenberg/ Heath/ Hendrickson/ E.W. Hudson/ J.R. Hide/ P. How/ Hansemeyer/ Hood / T. Jennings/ P.J. Jacobs/ L.W. Jones/ R.W. Jones/ Joubert/ J. King/ R.R. Kobus/ F.E. Kirk/ Kenyon/ Kriel/ Kloppers/ C.L. Keal/ Lindsay-Bucknell/ M.H. Lewis/ H.P. Louw/ Lachenicht/ Levy/ A.E. Lambert/ Ledingham/ D.J. Logan/ J. Little/ J. Lewis/ W.H. Lea/ Magson/ Messina/ Maguiness/ A. Mitchell/ T.K.H. Muller/ O.J. Maritz/ J. Mundell/ Mullens/ F.J. Miller/ E. Marsh/ Nelson/ O. Nash/ D. Odea/ J. Osullivan/ B.P. Oosthuizen/ L.B. Poole/ Pankhurst/ E.V. Pinnock/ C.R. Powell/ M.J. Parkin/ Petrowski/ J.B.D. Robertson/ J.W. Ruddle/ Roets/ Scotten/ J.R. Stagman/ H.S. Schroeder/ R. Sharp/ Stralker/ Swart/ Smedly/ Smeeton/ N. Smith/ R.G. Thompson/ Turnley/ D.C. Uys/ J.D. Venter/ M.C. Van Heerden/ Van Heerden